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avg.com/retail - install avg with license number

avg.com/retail - AVG download and installation is not complete without activating its product through avg.com/retail by entering the avg activation product key. Create avg account at official website by providing the valid credentials. The full version of AVG internet security offers computer protection, Web & Email protection, hacker attack & data stealer protection, privacy protection, payments protection and mobile data protection. From commercial work to business works, avg Internet security offers a shield for both.

What is AVG retail card?

AVG retail card is a card which user purchase from the retail shop or from the AVG reseller. This is an installation card through which your product is installed in your device by visiting to the official website of AVG Antivirus. This card has the unique code of 25 digit alphanumeric activation product key code, which you have to register before using the product. If you want to register your code, then you have to visit to the registration page of AVG antivirus. You can register any kind of product of AVG. This AVG Retail activation gives you complete protection against all kind of threat like malware and viruses.

Where you can find AVG antivirus product key code?

when you buy the AVG product from the retail shop or you buy online then this 25 digit AVG antivirus activation product key code comes with the AVG product. If you have purchased the product of AVG online, then the product activation key code is presented on your registered email ID. But if you have purchased the product from the retail shop, then this 25 digit activation product key code will be there on the backside of the AVG retail card.

Download, install and activate avg from avg.com/retial using 20 digit key

  1. Visit the official website - avg.com/retail
  2. Login or register to avg account
    • To register visit avg.com/registration
    • Enter email id and password
    • Your avg ultimate is registered and ready to use
  3. Enter the avg activation code
  4. Then after it will be redirected product page
  5. After that choose product and click on download button
  6. Run the setup file which is downloaded
  7. Allow the user agreement by click on "Yes".
  8. Click on install to start the installation process
  9. Now, activate avg antivirus
    • Once the installation process get complete, a new window will appear "Activate Avg Software."
    • Now enter avg activation code.
    • Click on Accept/Yes button to accept terms and condition of software.
    • Now your product is activated.
    • Restart your use as per your needs.

When you need to install AVG antivirus?

At this stage, your computer system require AVG antivirus to install.

Renew your AVG Subscription

When you open your email, you will get your "Subscription Renewal Reminder". Then click on Renew Now. Now, you need to enter your contact and payment details. Click on continue. Follow all the instructions to complete the purchase.

Cancel your AVG Subscription

If you want to cancel your avg retail subscription, and then click on the cancellation link you received in your original purchase confirmation email. Then to access your AVG account, cancel your subscription from here.